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Comprehensive Trademark Search

Free searches appear useful, but proceeding without a thorough search can drive up the costs. Our comprehensive trademark search provides you with peace of mind that your trademark will be accepted – with no hidden costs.

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Fast Trademark Registration

Once you have decided to file your application it is important to act quickly as applications are based on a first come first served basis. Once we have all the information we need we can file within a 24-48 hour window. We talk to our customers and gather requirements to ensure that we help you make the most effective decision in protecting your brand.

24Hr Trademark Registration
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E-mail Consultation

If you’re not familiar with Intellectual Property Law, we can help you understand how to ensure your trademark will have adequate protection. Our qualified solicitors have a wealth of experience available to share with you today.

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Our other services


Once your mark has been published there is a period of time whereby an opposition against your mark can be raised. We can deal with this for you.

Cease and Desist

If you find that someone is using your mark without your consent, you are going to want to stop them! Again, our fees depend on the type of action we take.


If your trademark has been designed you may want to provide the designer with a simple contract that transfers all the rights to yourself.

Agency Deals

We offer a bespoke service to design and brand agencies. You may find that your client has a number of ideas for a brand and you need to check that they are free to use.

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