A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by government to a patentee (the inventor or assignee) for a limited period of time in exchange for public disclosure of certain details of a device, method, process or composition of matter (substance) (known as an invention) which is new, inventive, and useful or industrially applicable. A patent provides a patentee exclusive rights in making, using, selling the patented products/method or authorizing others to do so. An invention must be new, non-obvious and industrial applicable in order to be protected by a patent.

In the area of Patent, we provide the following services:

• Conducting patent searches and advising on patentability of inventions.
• Drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications.
• Payment of patent annuities.
• Recordal of amendments on patent applications, such as, change of name/address, mergers, and acquisitions.
• Drafting and recordal of assignments and license agreements.
• Opposition, appeal and cancellation proceedings.
• Infringement and counterfeiting proceedings.
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