About Wtrademarks is proud to present itself as one-stop shop and online portal for trademark search and registration worldwide. Our mission is to enable individuals and businesses to gain maximum value from their trademark rights. Our company provides comprehensive solutions for trademark search/registration in more than 200 countries around the world through well structured network of professional associates.

we provide services to register and protect our clients' trademarks, as best as possible, or as we would like to say: ‘From creativity to certainty'. In order to obtain trademark protection for various countries a local agent has to be found, which can be very difficult. Not only will the management of your trademark(s) fall in the hands of different attorneys, it is often hard to find a qualified and trustworthy trademark attorney overseas, not to mention about the language and legal barriers. The founders of Wtrademarks thought it was time for a big change in the Trademark landscape and assembled a team of specialists with one simple goal: making trademark protection worldwide transparent and simple.

This started with a careful selection of trademark agents, which resulted in the ‘Global Network of Wtrademarks' with only the finest, experienced and hard working agents sharing the Wtrademarks goal and work ethic. The launch of Wtrademarks website introduced a simple and clear order-system for trademark searches, trademark registrations and trademark watches, and also separate country-pages with all important requirements and fees for national trademark protection. Currently, the Wtrademarks Global Network consists of more than 100 qualified trademark agents/attorneys around the world.

We provide a full trademark service to our clients, including filing, prosecution, maintenance and enforcement of rights. Given the nature of our services, we attract a wide range of clients from multi-national companies to start-up enterprises. We are focused on maintaining and developing a centre of excellence which delivers a consistent and coordinated service to clients, worldwide. In short, we offer our clients a complete package of international trademark protection without having to deal with different local agents, language and legal barriers and just focus on what they want and how we can put it into action.

Why choose Wtrademarks?

There are many great reasons to use Wtrademarks as your global trademark representative. First and foremost, we care about our clients and we care about the protection of their trademarks. We offer free initial consultations with respect to trademarks, and a variety of free advice and information throughout. Since no question is the same, we always make sure to have personal contact with our clients before starting with a trademark search and/or trademark registration. Each client gets his/her own assigned trademark attorney. Our fees are lower than the majority of trademark firms and trademark registration businesses. We know that other firms offer what appear to be lower fees, however there are a number of 'grey' areas – often they exclude government charges. Our fees are always all inclusive (government fees etc) and if the fees change or additional fees occur, we will let you know immediately. Our professionals come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Each possesses rich experience in the area they were trained in and practice.

We are devoted to quality, responsiveness, effectiveness and confidentiality. We believe that our strong foundation, the combination of high level professional skills with ‘hands on' practical know-how and our international network, enables us to provide trademark services in the best possible way. In short, keeping with our founding principles we provide the highest level of trademark services at the most affordable rates in the industry. We could charge more for our services. However that would violate our founding tenets. We keep our costs low so that we can pass the savings along to our clients. Ultimately we pride ourselves on our customer service. We want our clients and prospective clients to be 100% satisfied 100% of the time. So why choose Wtrademarks? Unparallel Value, Quality, and Personal Service relentlessly driven by our founding principle: Make trademark protection worldwide transparent and easy for customers.
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